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Application for Spayed or Neutered Puppies priced $900 - $2500 (Depending on color and quality)
Reservation Deposit is $300


This application must be also included with your Puppy Application if you are applying for
a pet / non-breeding puppy from Victorias Bulldogges.

Buyers Name:_____________________________________


Please circle one - Are you applying for a MALE or FEMALE

Please sign below.

I am applying for a pet / non breeding puppy from Victorias Bulldogges and understand
that the price will be as noted above and depends on quality.
I also understand that Victorias Bulldogge will hold my puppy for up to 18 or 20 weeks
which is the youngest the vet will will spayed or Neuter the puppy, I understand that
if I am applying for a spayed or Neutered puppy this means that the puppy will not be
able to reproduce.

I understand the above and sign my signature below.



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