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All Buyers are required to read sign and Email, Fax, or
Mail this page in with your completed Puppy Application along with
your holding non refundable deposit $500.
Adult Dogs purchased from other kennels in which
Victoria's Blue Secret Bulldogges are not the breeder of such bullies are not
covered under our pet health guarantee program therefore
if a breeding has taken place and the Sire or Dam has been purchased from
another kennel and health issues occur within the pup due to such breeding
even though we take every precaution on our part to breed out such flaws
by making sure the bullies we produce are 100%  we cannot assure non
hereditary issue from poor breeding practices of another kennel
to cover that particular Bulldogge so buyer is therefore warned
that you will be solely responsible for the provisions and health care expense of your
puppy or adult Bulldogge in which his or her Sire or Dam was not produced
in our yard this is an issue in which needs to be addressed to the Sire or Dams breeder
all pups are sold as is and will be given No health guarantee.
in some cases we are not sure of the physical disposition of a bully due to lack
of information provided by the seller of such Adult Bulldogges and therefore cannot
place a full guarantee on any puppies as a result of a breeding between one of our bullies
and another Bulldogge not produced by us personally
in which case a 6 month guarantee will be provided and buyer is advised to
obtain medical insurance on there puppy.


All Buyers, as noted on the buyers contract, have 48 hours to have there new babies
examined by a licensed veterinarian. We will not guarantee fertility (Pregnancy) on any bull doggie
we sell due to most first-time-buyers lack of being familiar with this breed. Most
Bull Doggie lovers have at least a good 5 + years experience in this breed and are familiar with
the breeding cycle of the bitch. While in her 2nd or 3rd heat, for first time breeding which
could be between 1 1/2 years old and 2 1/2 years old, or even older. Some people fail to understand this
concept. I call them "eager beavers", who are silly, YEAH I SAID SILLY, enough to
breed the bitch on the first heat. But when the pups all die or there are no pups due
to the bitch being way to young when bred for the first time (the inexperienced
owner of the bitch that failed to conceive, or lost pups, which ever occurred first,
will not look at his lack of experience nor ignorance or "eager beaver ness") he/she will of course blame
the breeder. Therefore, when you purchase a Bull Doggie from any breeder, please at least,
be familiar with this breed. Although most bull Doggies are supposed to free whelp, the bullier they are,
the less likely they will free whelp and less likely for the males to breed naturally.
It is strongly advised that whomever you buy a Bull Doggie from, to realize that the bullier your female
is, put aside a good $1200 - $2000 for a C-section or risk the death of your Bull Doggie.

As for the male Bull Doggies, the bullier they are, (especially males that are top heavy) look forward to taking your
bitch and your male into the vets office for an (A. I) artificial insemination along with a progesterone
hormonal evaluation. If you do not know what that is, then you might want to look for
an easier breedable pet.
While your female Bulldogge is in heat, it is best to keep her under lock-and key so that she
doesn't get hooked up with your next door neighbors "Rotti". Trust me, I here stories
like that all day long, and no we are not responsible for whom your bullie gets hooks up with.
People this is not a "get-rich-quick" business because just as much money you put
in your bullie, is most likely the same amount you will get out when it comes to becoming
a breeder. Therefore, all pups are sold AS IS
pet quality with possible show potential determined by a professional handler or judge.


Purchasing Disclaimer

Attention: Like all other breeders, we reserve and sell on a first come first
serve policy basis only. If you have left a deposit for a puppy and that puppy,
although not chosen yet due to a pre-picking arrangement, is not paid in full by the
time your puppy turns 5 - 6 weeks as noted on my Puppies Page and on the
Buyers Contract page, you risk the possibility of another buyer purchasing your
puppy even though the buyer did not pre-reserve that particular pick. If a cash- in-hand
buyer fully pays for your puppy  when your puppy turns 6 weeks old
then you risk losing your deposit.

if your puppy dies in our care a refunds will
be given within 30 days with full explanation
this does not include puppies or dogs kenneled on our property for
International shipping


Please note that if your application is not approved then your
deposit will be returned to you immediately.

If your application
is approved and full payment is requested on or before your pup turns 6 weeks
and full payment is not received, you forfeit your $500 holding deposit and all other funds
will be transferred without notice to another upcoming litter of same value at our discretion .

Also if you have made payment in full and we have not received your
Puppy Application, Buyers Contract, and Disclaimer fully completed
and your pup is past the 6 week marker then due to discouraging third
party purchasing who think they can get away with not filling out
my contract you will half to start the buying process all over
again: meaning your pick will be given to another buyer
who has met the guidelines of Victoria's Blue Secret Bulldogge buying
standards of providing all requested paper work and funds for the purchase of there pup
on a timely manner and will therefore supersede any and all buyers in the
picking number of pups.

All deposits holding a specific pick position are non--refundable, but are
transferable: unless I decide to personally keep your pick, If that
is the case I then will give you the option of another pup,
transferring your funds to another litter or breeding
or a full refund within 60 days of your personal written request
me, Victoria's Bulldogges.


Example : Victoria's Blue Secret     (SEXY BABE)
                                                                  (your new name up here)

It is 100% understood by the buyer that Victoria's Blue Secret Will
always remain as the beginning sir name on the puppy registration paper work with any and all registries this includes
but not limited to, advertisement, local listings, web sites, message board post and any and
all listings concerning this pup from birth through adult hood and in
death. The buyer will make sure that Victoria's Blue Secret will never be removed
from the name of this pup or adult dog and the buyer understands that it is his
responsibility in making sure that all not part of the disclaimer, the Buyers contract and
the Puppy Application must be abided by 100 % and not 50% any deliberate or un deliberate
attempt to undermined either contract will result in the immediate return of the
puppy / adult dog and a forfeiture or Refund upon my discretion of the buyers funds
for misrepresenting facts and failing to follow Victoria's Blue Secret Bulldogges

     Spayed / Neuter Disclaimer

Please be sure to note on your puppy application that the puppyy
you are purchasing is for non-breeding. All non-breedable puppies,
depending on color and quality are priced at $900 and up.
Please specify if you are applying for a Male or a Female puppy
on the top of the puppy application as well.

Buyers who have purchased their puppies spayed or neutered
will receive their puppies at 18 weeks of age. This is the youngest
the vet can spay or Neuter any puppy buyers who are purchasing breedable

Buyers will receive there pups at 10 weeks.




I the buyer have being made aware of the above Disclaimer
and will take extra precautions if my Bulldogge does not
qualify for 100% coverage from the Breeder and will get additional pet
coverage through a qualified medical Insurance
provider. I have placed my signature in agreement to
release the Breeder of all liability

Print First and Last Name:__________________________
Breeders Name:___________________
Physical Address:________________ State:_____ Zip:______
Buyer Signature:____________________ Date:______2010
Breeders Signature:__________________Date:______2010