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Please be advised that along with this buyers contract
The Puppy Application and
The Disclaimer must be filled out and returned there
Is a time limit and failure to do so can result in the
Loss of your pick and your funds transferred to another
Breeding at our discretion.  


( Part# 1 )

Name Of Pup:_____________________ Color:________sex: Male - Female
Sire:________________________________ Dam:_______________________________
Distinguishing Marks:_________________________________

#1. Buyers Name:___________________________________ Address:_____________________________
Print first and last name
City:___________________________State:_________ Zip:_____________
Home Number ( ) ___________________________
Cell Phone: ( ) ___________________________

Spouses Information:
#2. Buyers Name:___________________________________ Address:_____________________________
Print first and last name
City:___________________________State:_________ Zip:_____________
Home Number ( ) ___________________________
Cell Phone: ( ) ___________________________

This contract is effective ___________________20__ and expires ___________20__
Breeders Signature:________________________Date:_______20__

This contract is between buyer and seller the seller understands that under no circumstances
is he / she to sale the above puppy without first giving the breeder / seller option of buying the puppy
back for the same price the buyer paid which is : $_____________ not unless the puppy was Sold
Under a Co-Ownership contract in which case the Co - Ownership contract will superceed the BUYERS CONTRACT or act
hand in hand. Was shipping included: ______with crate:______ travel health certificate:______.
. The pup / adult dog being returned
was given un altered ( Spayed or Neutered ) and must be returned in the same like manner and in good health
Any and all breeches of the puppy application,buyers contract, disclaimer, all forms of verbal agreement or improper careing of the puppy /Dog being SOLD under Contract
will result in the immediate request either,FAX,LETTER,PHONE CALL or EMAIL
of the puppy / dogs return at your /Buyers expense. with your signature below You also in advance agree to surrendor all rights to this puppy / dog
back to the Breeder and all that it in tails
ownership back to the breeder / seller without complaint
any and all delay we will assume if the dog is of breeding age that you have
Bred the dog and will result in automatic forfeiture of all funds paid

Buyer Agrees to the Above without hesitation by signing __________________ Date________.

( Part# 2 )

We live in a very sick world and the conviction of a 16 year old teenage boy made headlines
last year after he was caught having  sexual intercourse with his next door neighbors Labrador as they
arrived home from a family outing the Labrador sadly died from injuries sustained a few days latter therefore I have implemented the below.

I ______________________________________ agree not to subject my puppy to be mistreated, abused
Print first and last name
physically or sexually in any way shape or form if this agreement is breached then the immediate return
of the puppy is ordered by the breeder / seller and a refund will be issued after deducting any and all expense for the pups return or
health care provided caused by such abuse all expense will be removed from the buyers refund
and the buyer will receive the balance due him after the deductions
have been completed.
The Seller will provide copies of legal receipts of these
deductions to the buyer upon the buyers written request within 2 weeks
I ____________________________Agree to the above
Buyers signature:______________________________ Date:_____________20___
Sellers signature:_______________________________Date:_____________20___

( Part# 3 )

The Buyer agrees not to house the puppy in unsanitary conditions food and fresh water and a clean healthy environment must be
maintained at all times to insure the health of the above
Mentioned puppy. The buyer is aware that it is important the puppy is not allowed to eat food that has been
left out longer then 25 minutes, The buyer is also aware that the puppy must not be aloud to drink water
that is not from a filtration system such as water from the faucet unfiltered, or a watering hose
you wouldn't allow your children to drink from the water hose due to bacteria in the water so why would you allow
Your puppy that you have paid so much for.

I _____________________________________agree to keep my puppy housed in a clean and healthy environment
Print first and last name

( Part# 4 )

I _____________________________________agree to keep my puppy licensed in the city of my residence
Print first and last name

and to have my puppy chipped through the local Animal Control or a licensed vet.

I ________________________________ will not keep my puppy outside for long periods of time
Print first and last name

not unless I or a family member is outside with the puppy for supervision purposes.
I __________________________________also agree not to
allow the puppy to be left alone with small children under the ages of 6 and below for the safety of the
puppy because sometimes small children left unattended can drop the puppy in there attempts to pick
the new puppy up off the floor and improperly Carrie the new puppy by the neck through out the house
which might be cute to some but a $1200 - $2000 bone / neck surgery for you and the puppy which I the seller
do not cover nor does the Insurance on your puppy covers therefore monitor the children.
I ______________________________ agree to monitor the children.
Print first and last name

I ______________________________Buyer fully understand that it is my responsibility
Print first and last name

to have my puppy examined by a licensed vet within 48 hours of my pups arrival for a full physical exam
I understand that it is my responsibility to remind the vet to ware proper protection so that he wont
pass down any viruses to my puppy and to not have strangers touch my puppy from the veterinarians office
for the safety of my puppy.
I ___________________________ am aware of the above risk Buyer please sign:_____________________________
Print first and last name

( Part# 5 )

I__________________________________________Agree not to allow dogs that are not the same age as my
Print first and last name
puppy nor dogs that show aggression towards the new above mentioned puppy to play or be housed together
with the above mentioned puppy.

Buyer is also aware by signing that the breeder / seller strongly suggest that the puppy completes all Vaccinations
before being allowed to play with other puppies or adult dogs, Buyer is aware that the puppy can get sick
even if the other dogs appear to be healthy.
I___________________________________ am aware of the above risk of allowing my pet to play with other animals.
Print first and last name

I ______________________________understand the Victoria's Bull dogges do not cover viruses such as Parvo and Corona etc
Print first and last name

and therefore it is my responsibility to keep my puppy current on all vaccinations and to
ask my vet about any additional vaccinations that he feel my puppy might need that are age appropriate.

( Part# 6 )

Hereditary gene defects and growths.
Amount of evaluation coverage to diagnose health defect up to :$250.00 Insured Sellers Initials______.

I the breeder / seller have never had a buyer complain about a hereditary defect however
I breeder / seller will replace the above mentioned puppy if there arise any hereditary defect
diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian with proper verification and documentation, Buyer must notify me
the seller immediately and return the puppy with the diagnosed defect / hereditary problem for
an exchange of a new puppy of same like value and same sex buyer is responsible for providing
me the veterinarians name and phone number which gave the diagnoses so that I can personally speak to the veterinarian and confirm
the vet findings before arranging an exchange I will pay for the return of the above mentioned puppy
and the buyer will pay for the expenses of the new exchanged puppy and sign another buyers contract.

If the Buyer refuses to provide verification such as the name and phone number of the vet that diagnosed the puppy
with a hereditary defect and the health buyers contract has expired then the buyer assumes all
Responsibility for his puppy.
I______________________________agree to the above. Buyers signature:___________________________Dtae:______20__
Print first and last name

If the Buyer refuses to provide verification such as the name and phone number of the vet that diagnosed the puppy
with a hereditary defect and the health buyers contract has not expired then the buyer will have 2 weeks to provide me
with that information if after 2 weeks the buyer simply refuses to provide me with the requested information then
the buyers Health Contract Portion ( Part #6 ) Automatically is terminated due to lack of cooperation on the buyers part
but the rest ( Part # 1 - 5 ) of the contract remains in effect.
I______________________________agree to the above. Buyers signature:___________________________Dtae:______20__
Print first and last name

I the buyer agree to the entire Contract Part #1 - 6 and have placed my signature below :

Buyers signature:______________________________________Date:_______20__

Buyer# 2:__________________________________________Date: ________2006

Sellers Signature: __________________________________Date:_________20__
Sellers Name: Mrs. Victoria Faciane
PO BOX 1745
PERRIS, CA 92572
HM# 951 - 956- 1612
CELL# 951 - 488 - 6345

I have read the disclaimer on the other page
and understand it
I the buyer agree to the terms of the puppy Application as well as
this Buyers contract agreement form, I am aware that 3rd party purchases are prohibited
and are subject to the puppies immediate return I in advance give
Victoria Faciane / Associates advance permission to come upon my property to confiscate the above
in question puppy back if she has solid evidence that I have purchased this puppy under false
pretence or have purchased this puppy for another individual other then myself I place my signature in agreement below
Without any notice therefore
If your puppy's Sire or Dam or Both was not produced by us
we will give you limited 6 month Health Coverage so all Buyers are advised to take
advantage of the Pet Health Plan insurance
which is a separate health plan then what we
offer within there own state. We will not be held liable for
any referrals we give you that misrepresents there particular coverage to you.

Buyer please print Name: __________________________________

Buyer Please sign: _______________________________________Date:______20__

--------------Mailing Instructions--------------
All requested Forms and contracts must be fully
completed by the buyer before the puppy turns 6 weeks which is the
final sale of the above mentioned puppy.The buyer
is advised to return the puppy application,Dislcaimer,
along with this contract by next day delivery mail
with signature confirmation to insure that I the breeder / seller have received this
contract on time, Any delay
will and can result in the forfeiture /loss of the position of
your puppy and a refund or transfer of funds to another upcoming
litter might be implemented without further notice.
When all forms requested is received along with the
final payment I the seller will then forward a copy
back to the buyer by either mailing it with the puppy
kit, or attaching a copy to the puppies crate it is
advised to keep copies in a safe place.
You will need to fill out a Spay / Neuter Agreement
if you are applying for a non-breedable puppy please
click the link below.