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Nikkitas Blue Bulldogz

Buyer's Beware Of Nikkitas Blue Bulldogz
Owned and operated by:ISABELLE RATHGEB
Located in Geneva Switzarland
If you have dealt with this Kennel, please conact the local Majestrate
I am allowing my friend Tom W. located in Genva to heavily advertise
My Quality Blue Bull Doggies
for a mere 1054.92 Euro under contract of course
This way they will be a dime a dozen
Reason being your post full of lies were totally un called for

This wanna be Breeder contacted us for a 2nd pick Blue Male Olde English Bull Doggie puppy
She fell madly inlove with our Awsome Boy Victoria's Blue Brahama
And sent her Deposit ASAP!!
I explained to Isabelle that I had an upcoming repeat breeding with Blue Jazz and Blue Brahama
and that PG confirmation would be in a few weeks, Isabelle had purchased a puppy from us before out
of What A Mugs Big Boy Sumo and What A Mugs My Sweet JLO so in her request to purchase one of my Blue Bulldogges
I had some reservations on sellin this woman another one
you see she gave us the sob story of living with friends and having a little boy to raise
and how she had always wanted to buy a Bull Doggie for her son but could not afford one
and me being a sucker for a sob story sold Isabelle Pick of the litter for $2500
out of Sumo and JLO's first litter which I never charged her for shipping, crate, and Health Travel certificate
The puppy arrive safely to Geneva Switzerland and Isabelle contacted me the minute he arrive
he was exactly 8 weeks old I have verification of that on the Health travel certificate copy
and not any older then that, which is what she stated on her old web site .
Isabelle told me she loved the puppy and even sent me photos
Then one day the photos stopped coming
Next thing I knew Im getting emails from her begging me for one of my Blue Bull Dogges
I asked her to fill out a puppy application and that the deposit was $500
She quickly rushes the puppy application back to me and rather then sending the correct
deposit required this woman sends less then that as you will see Proof below
Well Victoria's Blue Brahama and Triple K Blue Jazz did have there puppies
and I contacted Isabelle to let her know but she never replied, I sent her emails, called her and wrote to her
physical address only to have it returned to sender
3 months had passed and the pup was getting older I had received countless offers on that
but I held him for her any way for a few more weeks which is totally against out policy.
One day I get a phone call from a woman name Cathy who told me she bought Pacino which is what Isabelle
named the first Bull Doggie pup out of Jlo and Sumo I sold her for $2500
This Cathy woman tells me Isabelle flipped my pup to her for $3500
and promised her CKC papers but Isabelle never gave them to her
I was excuse my language Pissed
everyone who has ever purchased a Victoria's Blue Secret Bull Doggie know that
our contracts state that if a pup sold from us is ever considered forsale that the new buyer
must give us first option of buying that pup back which Isabelle signed on her contract
which I will also post on this page as proof
but this woman re Sold my pup for a quick $1000.00 profit without even contacting me first, she didnt even screened this lady
she just sold him no pet guarantee,no health certificate and no information at all on Cathy
fortunately Cathy contacted me and was wondering about Pacinos CKC papers, I told her to please send me some photos of him
which she gladly did, I asked when did Isabelle sell him to her she said when he was about 9weeks old I was so hurt
Isabelle posted on her web site that Pacino was placed in a shelter due to aggression
which is of course Another Lie.
Although me an What A Mug Kennels have our differences she is the breeder of SUMO AND JLO Pacinos parents which I bought as pups from Joann personally
and Sumo and Jlo were never aggressive and as adult Bull Doggies
had excellent tempermants,
If Pacino turned out agreesive which I seriously dought because reader as you view the
proof below I just proved her to be a lier
it might have been from protecting himself
from the American Pit Bull she alloud to attack him
then replaced Poor Pacino with the a Pit, and now all of a suddenproving her incapability to care about her dogs but make that quick Buck
(FYI Isabelle GET A JOB)
so that she could buy another one of my pups, My Blue Bull Doggies no dought
which I will also post proof below in Isabelles own words
so I contacted
Isabelle to confront her, her number was changed then I sent her an email
she sends me a reply telling me she cant afford to purchase the puppy at $4500 and that she would like her deposit back
totally by passing what I asked her about Pacino, about her Pit, and how I held her 2nd
pick for 4 1/2 months sending countless emails and that because of her
braking her contract concerning Pacino and misrepresentation on her current Puppy Application as well as her
Buyers Contract on top of her wasteing my
time that her non complete deposit of $490.00 is therefore applied
towards our Kenneling fee policy and sence thank God she could not pay for the pup
I sold that pup to an approved loving home the new owners requested that I
have him nutered before they pick him up.
And I saw that threat on your Web Site lady
Let me warn you here and now

Isabelle was well informed of how much the deposit would be,
but Isabelle sent $200 by Bank wire only rather then $500 to reserve her pup
The Bank deducted $10.00 from my account for her transaction
because she failed to pay the wire fee on her end in Geneva
I reminded her several times the amount of the deposit in order to RESERVE a pup
minus the Bank Fee she delibrately fail to pay amount received $190.00








This Post will remain up until I receive an appology